About me!!!

You've found where to learn about me... YAY!!!

So, you either stumbled in here by accident, or you really wanna know bout the CRAZY lunatic of this comic.. right?.. RIGHT?!?!? anyways, just look if you'd like... and I'll add a bunch of my friends hereso you can know about them a bit...



Jaime Echeverria (Writer, ilustrator, author)

Hey there, My name's Jaime Echeverria... I'm an insane little teenage boy with a lot of ideas I never say which should never come to life... this Site is ONE of them... but it's not as insane as the others... heheh..

Birthday(incase anyone wants to know.....): August 25th

Likes: video games.. Drawing, Webcomics... hangin' out with my friends... acting like a total moron... and a hole lot of other stuff.

Where to begin... OH! first off, all the human characters in this comic are actual friends of mine in real life... so no saying their made up.... GOT IT?!?! *twitch* ..aaanyways... I'm a boy who can speak two languages, English inside my house and Spanish outside... I live in sout America, in the thin, stretched out country of: Chile... I love to draw, I first got this idea after seeing a few webcomics and seeing how crazy all my friends act when were together, sooo... I made this comic about all of us... and I'm slowly putting in a story... but it might take a few months before I get them all up.

If you get to know me, I can be a smart, resonable, logic filled, sensitive guy... buuuut... that depends on what you think, now doesn't it.. the main character is based off of me, in case you didn't know that sooner. Cantact me if there's anything you'd like to talk about to me.....

Alejandra (A-leh-han-dra(Character, suggester, friend))

Put on a helmet, and brace yourself. Alexandra is based off this original woman, she's almost exactly the same.

She's kinda sadistic (in a sarcastic sense) and kinda scary if she ever gets mad at you (you'd run too if she knew your greatest weakness (I'm not talking the male groin))

She and I have been best friends since we were Ten years old(we're fifteen now) And since we're such good friends, I made her the second Protagonist of the comic (in a way). If you look past this sadistic girl in front of you, I did almost instantly, you'll see the wall...da-I mean you'll see that's she's very intelligent, considerate, and if you're observant, she's kinda cuteEmbarassedTongue out

The problem is: she isn't very outgoing when it comes to the internet (she doesn't like talking about herself) and wouldn't let me take a pic for the site... so you won't be able to see her in real life... (plus, she gave me like 15 reasons that it's dangerous to do those kinds of things) 

A great thing about her is that she loves playing videogames (that's only one of the hundreds of reasons I like her) You don't find many cute girls that play videogames... hehe... but anyways, she's very kind if she gets to know you and no, it's not the other way around.

Miguel (Character, friend)

Well, first of all, he's short, and the same age as me, he an interesting guy once you get to know him... though he does swear a awful lot sometimes....

I don't remember the first time i met him, it was probably... 4 to 5 years ago, I've seen and heard a lot of things in my short life, but the Cr@p that comes out of his mouth sometimes. Nevermind.

he seems to like anime and manga a whole lot (like me) and usually always has something to say about it. he's kinda fluent-ish in the english language... all my friends can speak some english, because they play a lot of videogames and learn from it. so, anyways, he's also a pretty good artist, but he kinda has his own odd style of sorts. but he doesn't draw stuff I get to see as often as you'd think.

I'l continue his description later...